September 5th, 2017

Carnegie Europe: Defending EU Values in Poland and Hungary

After years of heating up, the EU’s values crisis is close to boiling point. Defiance of core EU principles by the governments in Warsaw and Budapest is turning into a political crisis. The European Commission has taken legal action against both governments for violating specific EU laws and is threatening to go further on Poland. The European Parliament supports this course and is preparing further action against Hungary. But the Hungarian and Polish governments will feel the heat only if political leaders of the EU’s other member states get actively involved.

Source: Defending EU Values in Poland and Hungary

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  • ViktorZorroban

    The Hungarians and Polacks are the moral leaders of the Western World. Without Viktor and Beata, liberalism would prevail, democracy would overcome corruption and economies would boom… The whole gloom and doom would be lost, people would stop to be depressed and suicidal, and people would have to think for themselves. Good that we have our 2 Glorious Leaders; otherwise the Putinesque Fairytale would stop to exist immediately!

  • wolfi

    The European Court has decided against Hungary and Poland in the asylum question – so now it might be time for financial consequences!
    In Germany we have a saying:
    Wer nicht hören will muss fühlen!
    Taking away the money flood into Hungary might teach Fidesz a lesson – but of course the people will be hurt again. Though it seems that they kind of enjoy this – many Hungarians seem to be masochistic …
    And the Fidesz honchos are sadists – what a perfect combination!

  • orbans_shirt

    Two worst countries in Europe. Throw them out. Polish language sounds like a Russian trying to speak with his mouth full. Hungarian was probably invented in 1000 A.D. when a nomad got kicked in the head by his horse and started teaching his unintelligible grunts to all the other idiots. Throw them out and throw them out for good.

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