September 5th, 2017

Who is planning physical violence on the streets of Budapest? – Hungarian Spectrum

In the last few days more and more political observers have become aware of Fidesz politicians’ frequent references to the violent disturbances that will take place on the streets of Budapest in the coming months. The weak and desperate opposition, encouraged by the foreign enemies of the present government, will forcibly turn against the democratically elected Orbán government, they claim.

The fact is that Fidesz’s forecast of such an eventuality is not new. Already in March of this year three important government politicians, within a few days of one another, predicted a “brutal election campaign” accompanied by possible physical force.

Source: Who is planning physical violence on the streets of Budapest?

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  • Yes, those of us who are old enough to remember the old top-Fidesz guy who in the morning of September 19, 2006, claimed that the (non-Fidesz) Government at that time used ‘provocateurs’ to storm the MTV house the night before…Now we know why – They are themselves working like that.

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