September 6th, 2017

Supreme court upholds election committee decision green-lighting referendum bid

Hungary’s supreme court, the Kúria, has upheld a decision by the National Election Committee (NVB) approving a referendum bid on the question of whether longer statutes of limitations should apply in the case of corruption crimes. The referendum question, submitted by former LMP lawmaker Gábor Vágó as a private individual, reads: “Do you agree that the statute of limitations for the prosecution of crimes of corruption should be at least 12 years?” The NVB approved the question in May. An appeal was then lodged at the Kúria by Marcell Melles of the think-tank Alapjogokért Központ. The Kúria upheld the election committee’s decision.

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  • Can Fidesz not combine this referendum with the National Elections in 2018?
    Think how much money will be saved, when people can vote:
    * NO to Fidesz
    * YES to referendum

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