September 7th, 2017

EU commissioner: legal action likely against states refusing to take in refugees

The European commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship has threatened to implement the final step in the infringement procedures under way against member states refusing to take in migrants unless they change their position. Speaking at a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday, Dimitris Avramopoulos urged member states that have not complied with their duty to take in migrants – specifically Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic – to step up their efforts to relocate asylum seekers from Greece and Italy.

The commissioner welcomed the European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) decision to dismiss a case launched by Hungary and Slovakia challenging the legality of the EU’s migrant resettlement scheme and uphold the legality of a European Council resolution on relocating 120,000 refugees to member states on a mandatory basis. Avramopoulos said member states have until September 26 to relocate all eligible asylum seekers from Greece and Italy. He said that if the member states in question did not change their approach to the resettlement scheme, their cases would be referred to the ECJ.

The EU’s top court could decide to impose fines on Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, which they would be required to pay until they comply with their obligations to accept migrants. Asked about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s letter to European Commission President Jean- Claude Juncker requesting that the EU pay Hungary half the 883 million euro border protection costs incurred by the country, Avramopoulos said the EC was ready to support all member states in their efforts to protect the EU’s external borders and manage the migrant crisis. He added, however, that “solidarity is a two-way street” which all member states must share in.

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  • orbans_shirt

    This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the real problem, which is that none of these pseudo-European countries should have been admitted to the EU in 2004 in the first place. Maybe the year 3004. I can’t imagine how hard the Russians must have laughed when the EU signed up to take care of these scrounger nations.

    • Vidra

      Yeah, and who’d have guessed back in 2004 that a “pseudo-European country” like Estonia would be a leader in e-government, that Slovakia would be part of the Eurozone, or that Greece, a “proper EU country” in your terms, lied and cheated its way into the Eurozone? I bet you didn’t.

  • Bowen

    Western countries have already suffered enough by taking in about 600,000 Hungarian economic migrants. (It’s probably more than that, to be honest.)
    Hungary should ask some refugees if they’d like to live in Hungary. The refugees will probably say ‘no’, but it’s the least Hungary could do.

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