September 7th, 2017

Pro-gov’t daily: Vona freezes out Jobbik’s “old guard”

The “old guard” of opinion-formers in the radical nationalist Jobbik party has been dropped and the party’s leader, Gábor Vona, whom they have criticised for Jobbik’s move towards the centre, did not invite them to a recent speech he made at this year’s Jobbik “picnic”, the pro-government daily Magyar Idők claimed.

Critics of Vona on the left say his more moderate tone is merely cosmetic whereas traditional Jobbik supporters on the party’s right complain that the leader has ditched much of what the party stands for. The paper said the content of Vona’s speech had changed significantly compared with previous speeches. Whereas last year the Jobbik leader had spoken with some appreciation of various government measures, this year Vona only had “coarse criticisms” to make.

The paper listed a number of people, political scientists, historians, journal editors and writers among them, who had in the past contributed to Jobbik policymaking but who were absent from this year’s party event held on Aug. 27 in the town of Soltvadkert, in southern Hungary. And whereas in the past, a video recording was made of various contributors, this year it is only Vona’s speech that appears on the party’s website, the paper added. One regular participant who did not wish to be identified told the paper: “I’ve never seen so many unrecognisable faces as now.”

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  • So “the pro-government daily Magyar Idők” thinks this is bad?

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