September 7th, 2017

“Soros plan”, “gov’t hysterical” – parties react to European Court of Justice decision

Reacting to the European Court of Justice’s decision to dismiss Hungary and Slovakia’s legal challenge of the migrant resettlement scheme, Fidesz group leader Lajos Kósa said that the ruling “gives the green light for the European Commission to implement the Soros plan”. He insisted that under a scheme devised by US financier George Soros the European Union must accommodate one million immigrants a year. He added that Hungary was against any such plan because it would compromise Europe’s security and national interests.

The Socialist Party said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had lost the migrant quota case against the EU and would also lose next year’s general election because his politics are built on lies which the people have had enough of. In a statement, the party said Hungary’s position in the EU would continue to weaken, the costs of which would have to be borne by Hungarian families.

A lawmaker of green LMP said the constitution compels the Hungarian government to comply with the ECJ’s decision on the migrant resettlement scheme. Speaking at a press conference on a different subject, Márta Demeter called the government’s actions “hysterical”. Noting the government’s residency bonds scheme to settle people in Hungary which allowed 20,000 people into the country and into the EU with virtually no vetting, she said the government had no moral basis on which to criticise the court’s decision.

The Democratic Coalition accused the government of deliberately going into the lawsuit knowing it would lose. The ruling would then give Prime Minister Viktor Orbán a pretext on which to announce Hungary’s withdrawal from the EU, the party’s spokesman, Zsolt Gréczy, stated. He added that the government had mounted an anti-Brussels billboard campaign. He also opined that Orbán would mount a new campaign claiming that the “whole of the EU is only a Soros organisation”.

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  • wolfi

    Do these Fidesz lunatics really believe that crap?
    Soros is Satan and has the whole EU (which has many representatives from the Christian parties like the CDU and CSU) under his thumb?
    How low can you go – on the open stupidity scale?
    I’m just waiting for the next “constipation theories” …
    If it weren’t so sad (mainly for Hungarians …) it would be funny – we might soon see a return to the good old Kádár times when Hungarians would do anything for a few Deutsche Mark, Schilling, pounds, whatever …

  • Marta Burka

    The EU court took away the V4s sovereignty. This ruling could later be applied to all members, specially small country’s losing sovereignty. I wonder when countries joined the EU knew that they will have no right over their own territory. This could backfire on all members. Hungary should stand its ground and appeal the decision in the Hague. Hungary and all other countries should ask for clarification of the law that takes away sovereignty.

    • “The EU court took away the V4s sovereignty”

      …which they all were aware of happened when they joined the EU, then one of the cornerstones of being an EU member state, or just an EEA member state, like Norway and Switzerland, is that no National Court or Law can over-rule the verdict from one of the EU-supported Courts.

      It is part of the Klub Rulez and all V4-countries approved this ruling (QMV Rulez) when they signed the Lisbon Treaty – so go cry your fake Trianon-like tears somewhere else.

    • anti-communist

      Naturally you don’t have enough brain to comprehend how the EU decision making is done without a dictator, but the decision of resettlement was made by the EU counsel which contains the prime ministers of the countries. The decision was made by the majority of the votes.Each PM has one vote and the votes of small or big countries are equal. Here you can read how a democracy works:
      That Orbán is too stupid to understand democracy and goes to the court doesn’t change this. The decision was made in accordance with the EU law. Of course he looses the case at the court.

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