September 8th, 2017

Liberal Party to file public data request for Ásotthalom town rangers service reports

The Liberal Party said it would file a public data request for all official reports compiled by the ranger service of the town of Ásotthalom, in southern Hungary, with a view to gaining insight into the service’s jurisdiction and cases. Speaking at a press conference, Liberal executive Ádám Sermer said Ásotthalom’s ranger service functioned like an armed paramilitary force of mayor László Toroczkai of radical nationalist Jobbik.

He said there had been signs that the service had often overstepped its authority, adding that its activities were becoming less and less compatible with Hungary’s legal system. Sermer said Jobbik’s vision for how it would govern Hungary “is laid out beautifully in the case of Ásotthalom”, arguing that the town’s leadership had adopted resolutions that were unconstitutional, restricted residents’ right of assembly and violated religious freedom rights. Sermer added that another reason his party was filing data requests for the ranger service’s reports was to see how ranger services function in general.

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  • That even a town may have a ‘Ranger Service’ in Europe is incredible, but shows that they are operating under the protection of Fidesz.

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