September 8th, 2017

WHO to hold regional committee meeting in Budapest

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is to hold its 67th regional committee meeting in Budapest between September 11 and 14, European regional chief Zsuzsanna Jakab told a press conference. The aim of the body is to provide better, fairer and more sustainable health care for all, Jakab said. This warrants high-level political commitment and further investment, she said. Human resource minister Zoltán Balog said it is “an honour” that Budapest again hosts the meeting. “I hope the decision to bring the meeting to Budapest is an appreciation of Hungary’s work in health care policy”, he said.

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  • “an appreciation of Hungary’s work in health care policy”

    Yes, just tell them to bring their own food and toilet-paper…

    • wolfi

      What about clean bedsheets?

      I brought a friend regularly to her chemotherapy over the last months and it’s deeply moving how people try to do their work in those run down hospitals, no wonder if many flee their jobs.

  • orbans_shirt

    Makes about as much sense as the International Anti-Vodka Society holding a meeting in Moscow.

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