September 11th, 2017

27 Tesco stores close down due to strike on Saturday

A total of 27 out of Hungary’s 206 Tesco stores were closed on Saturday by 7pm due to a work stoppage of employees, on the second day of a nationwide strike called by unions, the company told MTI. Unions called for the strike after their demands of a 25% wage hike and a 15% staff increase remained unmet earlier this week. They also demand a minimum monthly wage of 200,000 forints (EUR 651) and that Tesco should apply a cap on the number of people employed by contractors. The strike was called from 10am until midnight on Saturday.

The company said that on Friday 10% of its stores had to be closed because of the strike. On Saturday, it employed students to replace staff on strike, it added. The unions told a press conference on Saturday evening that they would hold talks with the management on Monday.

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