September 11th, 2017

European Union Grapples With Defiance on Its Eastern Edge – The Wall Street Journal

THungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban barely mentions his political rivals as he campaigns for a fourth term. Instead, he is targeting the European Union and its biggest members.

“Our fiercest opponents are not in Hungarian opposition parties,” Mr. Orban said in a speech last week. “They are abroad…Berlin. Brussels.”

In neighboring Poland, government rhetoric is even harsher. Politicians have one-upped each other in attacking France and Germany, arguing they are forcing multicultural, liberal democracy on more traditional Poles. Commentators on state-run TV compare the EU to the Soviet Union.

Source: European Union Grapples With Defiance on Its Eastern Edge

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  • wolfi

    Let them leave the EU – it’s the best solution!
    And let’s go back to the good old Kádár times when Hungarians and Poles would do anything for a few Deutsche Mark/$ …

    I still remember when my sister and her English husband told us about their visit to Poland. Whenever there was a problem he would show a 1 $ note …
    Problem solved!
    And friends at the Balaton had similar expriences:
    You don’t like the table you’ve been assigned in a restaurant?
    Just show the waitress a 1 Mark coin …
    Of course nowadays it would have to be 1 or 2 € …

    Always remember the Fidesz motto:
    We’re only in it for the money!

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