September 12th, 2017

Jobbik to file articles of impeachment against President Áder

The radical nationalist Jobbik party will file articles of impeachment against President János Áder on the first day of parliament’s autumn session, the party’s group leader announced. Jobbik believes the president breached the constitution by signing the law on billboard advertising in June, János Volner said. Parts of the bill sponsored by Fidesz’s ruling alliance with the Christian Democrats contained passages that require a two-thirds majority. Lacking this, the ruling parties pushed it through with a simple majority. After Áder sent the bill back to parliament, the ruling alliance ignored parts of the bill the president highlighted as problematic and changed other passages instead, he said.

Áder then signed the law, Volner noted. This served the political interests of Fidesz instead of safeguarding the rule of law, he added. Volner said informal talks with the other opposition parties indicated that the impeachment procedure would receive full opposition backing. The motion would require a two-thirds majority, which the opposition lacks. If the impeachment motion were to receive the relevant backing, the Constitutional Court would handle the procedure, he noted.

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  • ViktorZorroban

    This would be the worst slap in the face for Hungarians since Trianon, the 8-1 defeat against Holland and the loss against Adorra. If Hungarians would lose their Rubber Stamp János, you can expect a 345% rise in alcoholism and suicide. This could even be the end of the Fidesznik Fairytale…

    • wolfi

      You forgot to mention the abominable Paris Peace Treaty of 1947:,_1947
      They had horrible texts like:
      The political clauses stipulated that the signatory should “take all
      measures necessary to secure to all persons under (its) jurisdiction,
      without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion, the enjoyment
      of human rights and of the fundamental freedoms, including freedom of
      expression, of press and publication, of religious worship, of political
      opinion and of public meeting.”

      How did they dare to force proud Hungary to something like this? If A & O and the other Fideszniks had been alive then I’m sure they wouldn’t have signed this liberal stuff …

      • ViktorZorroban

        Orban secretly unsigned it, so soon we can have back the death penalty for sinners like gays, Jews and critical journalists.

      • Illiberal Revolution

        Hungary lost its sovereignty in 1944, and regained it in 2010. Therefore, legally we do not have to respect any treaty signed between these years.

        • wolfi

          That’s fantastic!
          So Hungary is not a member of the EU (that treaty was signed many years ago), the Schengen accord does not apply to Hungarians – we can close the border (build a wall maybe and let Hungary pay for it?) and send all those bloody Huns back to Orbanistan!
          And of course take back all the money we, the EU (most of it came from Germany …) gave them.
          Though my wife would be sad if she lost her ESTA that enables her to fly to the USA without a visa …
          But there are other nice places for holiday all over the world – if you have enough €s …
          Luckily I don’t have any HUF investments!

          • Illiberal Revolution

            You are welcome to do all that. That’s called democracy.

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