September 12th, 2017

Ukraine’s language law sparks political storm in Hungary – The Budapest Beacon

A law passed by the Ukrainian parliament last Tuesday mandating that all public education beyond grade 4 take place in the Ukrainian language has been widely denounced, not only by the east European country’s Hungarian, Polish and Romanian minority communities, but also by a number of its neighbors.

The law limits the rights of Ulkraine’s national minorities to study in their mother tongue to nursery school, kindergarten and the first four years of elementary school. A temporary act with similar provisions enacted by the Ukrainian parliament three years ago was roundly denounced both at home and abroad at the time.

Source: Ukraine’s language law sparks political storm in Hungary – The Budapest Beacon

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  • ViktorZorroban

    If Ukrainians would be smart, they would learn Hungarian as Fidesznikstan will be the most powerful empire of the Western World soon. Even Trump is so scared of Orban that he didn’t dare to invite him to the White House. And Chuck Norris is having nightmares that one day Orban’s super powers will destroy him, just like the Andorrians did with our football sissies.

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