September 13th, 2017

Budapest Mayor to call local referendum on Római levee

Budapest Mayor István Tarlós announced that he would make a proposal at the next session of the municipal assembly to hold a local referendum concerning a planned levee along the river Danube in northern Budapest. He said that the dispute over the levee plans was “no longer technical” and it can “no longer be managed”. Opposition parties and civil groups have long campaigned against plans to build a mobile flood levee on the Római embankment, which environmental experts say would seriously harm the local ecology.

The green LMP party called the initiative a communication trick. LMP councillor Antal Csárdi said the public should not fall for Tarlós’s trick because the Budapest Assembly, in which Fidesz holds a majority, has so far swept all such initiatives from the table. The National Election Committee has also rejected a referendum bid citing the fact that the municipality has already laid down the levee’s plans, he noted. LMP is still in favour of a referendum, as it brings to light the fact that a riverbank levee would increase the risk factor in 55,000 people’s lives to protect around 1,000, he said.

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  • I think Tarlos will go for this question:
    * Do you not agree that the Budapest Assembly should be able to not build the Romai levee?

    • Another suggestion would be:
      * Do you really, really want Budapest to be flooded like Toscana and Zadar, or should we build The Great Wall to protect us from foreign waters?

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